MAKEart for PreSchoolers IMG_3672.jpeg

MAKEart for PreSchoolers

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MAKEart Ages 6-9 IMG_4652.JPG

MAKEart Ages 6-9

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MAKEart Ages 8-12 IMG_6022.jpg

MAKEart Ages 8-12

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MAKEart Tweens ACS_0056.jpg

MAKEart Tweens

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MAKEart Club for Adults ACS_0001.jpg

MAKEart Club for Adults

Introduction to Watercolors IMG_0962.JPG

Introduction to Watercolors

Black Hat Witch Academy (1).jpg YEAR IV.jpg

Black Hat Witch Academy Ages 4-12

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Manipulating Nature Art Camp IMG_0226.PNG

Manipulating Nature Art Camp

Beginning Brush Lettering IMG_0194.JPG

Beginning Brush Lettering