MAKE art studios
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MAKE is a small home based studio that provides small group art instruction and workshops with high quality materials and content.  Taught by certified art educator and professional artist, Heather Klausa.  Heather recently made the switch from teaching in the public school system for the past 10 years to teach out of her home, allowing her to expand content and quality with small groups of kids, teens, and adults.  The studio space is located in Heather's home near the Tivoli Theater in downtown Downers Grove. 



art for kids

classes and workshops for students preschool age to high school


Art Classes for kids using the supplies of professionals

High quality content and materials taught by a certified art educator and professional artist.

Art Workshops for kids that love and nurture a creative spirit.

Themed creative content with products and experiences that kids are eager to share.


art for adults

CLASSES & WORKSHOPS on everything from watercolor to brush lettering


Art Classes for adults that are looking to develop a skill among like-minded people

Take time for yourself and engage your creative mind as you learn about technique and materials in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Art Workshops for adults that want to let loose

Gather a group or sign up individually to relax for an evening of art making.